What is Pleural Effusion?

What is Pleural Effusion?

Pleural effusion or ‘Water on the Lung’ refers to a buildup of fluid in the space between the lungs and the chest cavity. It can result from pneumonia and many other conditions. It can also be life threatening.

Our Diagnostics department offers you a range of tests in order to help you detect Pleural effusion;

– Chest Xray which remains the most standard technique for its initial diagnosis.

– Ultrasonography helps to detect even a small amount of fluid accurately.

– Computed tomography (CT) scanning with its cross-sectional images to evaluate complex situations in which the anatomy cannot be fully assessed by plain radiography or ultrasonography.

Pleural Effusion can resemble a respiratory infection. The cause is sometimes respiratory, but there are several other potential causes.

Some people do not experience any symptoms of pleural effusion. If symptoms do occur, they typically start to appear as fluid fills the chest cavity.

Patient often complains of:

>a dry, or unproductive, cough
>difficulty breathing, especially when lying down
>fever and flu-like symptoms
>chest pain
>sharp, severe pain when taking deep breaths

Persistent hiccups may also be a symptom of pleural effusion.