Rapid response with Advanced Life Support ambulance

Emergency and Ambulance care

Rapid response with Advanced Life Support ambulance

Every minute counts.

In a population with high percentage of aging individual, often suffering with non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular, stroke or asthma, rapid response is vital to save patient’s life. Providing the proper first treatment and stabilization with the right equipment and medications can make the difference between life and death.

Diagnos Clinic Ambulance Service vehicles are staffed at the advanced life support (ALS) level. It is not merely a transport van. Our ALS ambulances are operated by skilled and trained staff and carry all the necessary medical equipment required to stabilize, treat and transport patients safely to a hospital emergency department, cath-lab, trauma center or for rapid diagnosis services at our clinic.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicle at Diagnos Clinic is equipped with Cardiac monitor/defibrillators with 12-lead ECG and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring. The vehicle is also equipped with ventilators (in addition to oxygen gas) with multiple mode selections, medication infusion smart pumps and vacuum pump. Our emergency response services also provide advanced life support medical supplies and apparatus during patient transport to manage and care for critically ill or injured patients. Call us on 467 1515