Discover Diagnos Clinique’s Health Hub: Your One-Stop Medical Facility in Rose Hill

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Discover Diagnos Clinique’s Health Hub: Your One-Stop Medical Facility in Rose Hill

Diagnos Clinique proudly presents Le Health Hub, an integrated medical centre located at Vandermeersch, Rose Hill. As a one-stop medical facility, Le Health Hub brings together a full spectrum of healthcare services, designed to cater to every medical need, all under one roof.

Advanced Medical Diagnostics and Speciality Medical Treatments

At Diagnos Clinique’s Health Hub, we are committed to providing advanced medical diagnostics and speciality medical treatments. Our facilities boast the latest in medical imaging and radiology, and laboratory and blood tests, ensuring that every diagnosis is precise and timely. This comprehensive approach helps streamline the treatment process, making healthcare more accessible and efficient for both patients and doctors.

Medical Imaging Services by Diagnos Clinique

Emergency Services and Day Care Hospital in Vandermeersch

Our full-service medical clinic also offers emergency medical services and a day care hospital that aims to reduce wait times significantly. Coupled with homecare facilities, our services extend beyond the clinic’s walls, offering treatments, nursing, and rehabilitation and physiotherapy services directly to your home.

Emergency and Ambulance services by Diagnos Clinique

Wellness and Preventive Care at Le Health Hub

Le Health Hub is more than just a clinic; it’s a centre for wellness and preventive care. Our MediSpa and its Café Lounge provide a serene environment where you can enjoy stress relief and relaxation through massages, facial treatments, reflexology, and more. Our focus on wellness and preventive care alongside chronic disease management ensures a holistic approach to health. Additionally, we offer women’s health services, supported by nutritional counselling and dietetics to foster optimal well-being.

Join Our Community for Holistic Health Services

Le Health Hub by Diagnos Clinique is dedicated to enriching lives through innovative healthcare solutions. We invite you to join our community by liking and following us on social media for health advice, tips, and promotions. Visit us at Diagnos Health Hub in Rose Hill and experience healthcare that’s not only advanced but truly integrated. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 467 1515 or visit our website at