Diagnos Clinique moves hospital services to your home.

Emergency and Ambulance services by Diagnos Clinique

Diagnos Clinique moves hospital services to your home.

Home care or soins à domicile is different from home visit or consultation à domicile. It includes home visits by doctors but also provides health care such as skilled nursing, chronic disease treatments, personal care for old age people, emergency interventions and other specialised services.

The aim is to provide comfort to patients and their families. People with reduced mobility, bedridden or preferring to be treated in more dignified way in the privacy of their homes rather than being hospitalised and away from the family may chose our customised home care.

Our mobile echography service allows concise diagnosis. Blood sampling and minor surgical interventions are also on the list.

A team of professionals including doctors, specialists, health care assistants, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and massage therapists are at your service for quality health care.

We are a call away on 467 1515. Our ambulance services and medical taxi facilities are also available on 164.