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Prostate Cancer in Mauritius

Diagnos - 04 Jul 2019

Prostate cancer is a growing problem worldwide, targeting the ageing population mostly. In developing countries, both the incidence and mortality rates are increasing. Prostate cancer ranks as the third most common male malignancy in Mauritius. Age is a strong risk factor for this neoplasm and it is also a determinant of the patient’s prognosis.

1087 new prostate cancer cases were diagnosed in the time frame 1989 to 2010 in Mauritius. The incidence rates and mortality rates, standardised for age, were on a general increase. The mortality to incidence ratio was however on a decrease. It has been found that prostate cancer occurs more frequently in the ageing population. Patients can be relieved, since the survival rate for prostate cancer is relatively good, especially if discovered early. For example, the overall 5-year survival rate for prostate cancer in 2005 was 65.6%.

Prostate cancer diagnosis is on an exponential increase in Mauritius. Mortality rates from this cancer are also rising slowly. The increasing trends in prostate cancer incidence call for immediate intervention in order to curb the incidence rates of prostate malignancy.

Digital examination of the prostate gland, ultrasonography of the abdomen/ pelvis along with level assay of PSA could be potentially useful in the screening of prostate cancer.